Coccyx Pain Relief

Acquiring total and lasting pain relief for sufferers of chronic coccyx pain is a real challenge. The coccyx is probably the most irritating of the many parts the human body is comprised of and yet it serves no purpose whatsoever. However the coccyx is easily injured and the pain can be long lasting and severe. People who have had their coccyx removed still feel the pain which proves that it may not be the fault of the structure after all but rather a result of a psychosomatic event.

Searching For Tailbone Pain Relief

People who are suffering from coccyx pain need to often endure a number of symptomatic type treatments. These include epidural injections, physical therapy and medication for pain management. The effect of these therapies on the actual pain is minimal. In some cases the actual coccyx pain may exist alongside sciatica with symptoms of pain hitting the legs and buttocks region. For patients who suffer from severe pain which limits their mobility surgery to remove the coccyx may be an option and it may also be effective but not in every case. Once it (coccyx) is removed many people may actually develop symptoms of pain in unrelated regions the roots of which are psychosomatic.

Conditions of Coccyx Pain Relief

The theory behind coccyx pain is that it is mostly caused by a traumatic injury. Things such as falls are some of the most common culprits behind coccyx pain followed by accidents. Another form of coccyx pain is caused by childbirth in some women. When the coccyx becomes fractured the resulting pain can at times by unbearable, but it will not inflict chronic misery once it is completely healed. However patients will still have to endure months of pain, or even years after the trauma all of which of course is blamed on the injury. The truth is that it is very unlikely that the trauma will cause long term pain which feels as if it will never heal. In cases where it does the injury is usually a trigger which has set off a psychometric disorder.

Advice On Relieving Coccyx Pain

Treating the tailbone for pain is difficult since most pain is associated with its link to the mind. If you slipped in your bathtub at the age of just ten years old it is very unlikely that you will still be feeling the effects of it now that you are thirty. A three year old accident in which you fell down your staircase should not bother you three years on. Now if you slipped while ice skating 22 years ago it is not possible that you would be feeling the effects of it today. While many doctors like to explain these things with descriptions of fractures only a very small number of people suffering from coccyx pain fit this description the fact is that the majority are suffering from acute deprivation of oxygen in that area. Patients should take the time to understand what they are dealing with and avoid surgical options, since if it’s symptomatic the pain could reoccur in other areas as well.